June 21, 2017



Yes, this is THE party island that club goers from all over come to for the best music and clubs in the world, but I experienced a very different Ibiza. We stayed on the eastern part of the island called Santa Eularia at a hotel called Sol Beach House Ibiza.  It was just a short ride from the airport and before you knew it, we were pulling up to an all white hotel with the most picturesque wall of turquoise bicycles and a white wall adorned with bright colored flowers.  This was a good sign so far! Sol Beach House has so many different areas to utilize for lounging, working & sunbathing.  There was a row of hammocks lined up perfectly next to the cabanas, just calling my name. I was expecting a dj playing loud music and lots of parties, but it was the COMPLETE opposite.  We sat poolside and it was so quiet, all we heard were the waves crashing up on the shore.  The food was excellent, especially their breakfast.  2 words: Mimosa Stations!  This hotel really has it all, and the price tag will not give you sticker shock.  I look forward to my next stay here!

One thing about staying on the island of Ibiza is that you will probably have to cab it most places unless you are staying in the immediate downtown area.  Our hotel was just a 15 minute ride from downtown, but the ride was pretty scenic.  It showed us how the locals really live and there was an abundance of bougainvillea growing everywhere.  Downtown Ibiza is a little town with beautiful colored + white washed buildings with flowers growing around every corner.  The hippie culture initially flocked to the island and this relaxed vibe is still very much instilled here.  Everything seems to move slowly and that’s just okay with everyone around, including myself.  As we explored the long winding streets, we stopped at a quaint little coffee shop to get a jolt of espresso and we found the perfect little table outside of the cafe that overlooked the entrance to the fortress walls of the castle that sits atop Ibiza’s downtown.

We managed to make it up the very slippery worn down cobblestones and realized that it led up to a series of winding streets which eventually took you up to the very top of the fortress. The lower level of streets that we passed were lined with boutiques, gelato shops (of course), and cafes but as we made our way up, things definitely quieted down.  We were the only ones on a street at one point and it simply felt incredible. Heat exhaustion was slowly creeping up on both of us, so we popped into a shop to get some water.  Little did we know that we would meet the artist that painted a piece of artwork that we had purchased! He totally resembled Gallagher , the comedian (I’m probably dating myself here), but nonetheless he was a quirky little artist with a watercolor-esque shirt and beret! We have a tradition of purchasing artwork from each of our trips, and this one was extra special.  The photo above of the alleyway (palm tree on right) is the actual photo of the painting we purchased which is also on the same street of the shop we stopped in. I’m so excited to add this to our United Nations wall of artwork:-)  We finally made it to the top of the castle and the views were stunning!  Naturally we stopped to get some of the best ice cream in Ibiza at Vivi’s Creamery.  We deserved it, right?  I had to include a photo of the adorable kiddo table!

I’ll be honest, I was kind of hesitant to stay in Ibiza.  I was expecting ultra crowded streets, typical tourist traps and clubs raging all night.  What I experienced was nothing of the sort and I am so happy that I gave this Balearic island a chance.  Don’t assume you’ll just take a pill in Ibiza a la Mike Posner, because there is so much more to this simply beautiful place!

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