Escape to Formentera

June 13, 2017


I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s post about my trip to Barcelona.  This week I’m traveling to the sleepy Balearic island of Formentera, which is just south of it’s party sister island Ibiza.  We flew to Ibiza from Barcelona and took a quick 20 minute ferry ride to Formentera. As we approached the island, it was exactly as I had seen in pictures – small coves with yachts strewn along the coast in the most beautiful blue waters. After getting off the boat, we hopped in a cab and headed towards our hotel down a small 2 lane road that was shared by both scooters and bikes. We arrived at Riu La Mola, unpacked and immediately headed to the beach for a day of lounging around and exploring the landscape. The “La Mola” side of the island is known for its rocky cliffside, lighthouse, and vineyards.  It’s pretty amazing how the terrain changes from dusty rocky cliffs to lush green forest followed by vineyards within 5 minutes of heading towards the La Mola lighthouse.

The next day we headed towards a nearby town called Es Pujols, which is probably the closest thing to a tourist area but still maintains its intimate charm.  We rented bikes and rode down that same little 2 lane road towards the beach that this entire island is known for, Playa de Illetes.  We biked for about 15 minutes before the road turned to a smaller dirt road and we slowly approached the beach walkways.  I couldn’t see the water from the sand dunes, but it made the walk up the stairs so worth it. It was like our own little sliver of paradise, not too crowded and no noise except for the water and nature.  It was absolutely unlike any other beach that I have been to. The water is crystal clear and there are shade of blue for miles, not to mention that the seaweed in this area is over 100,000 years old and is protected by UNESCO.  If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought that you were visiting an Italian island because of the huge influx of Italians!   Another thing I should mention is that clothes are certainly optional on this beach, so if you are one to get embarrassed you’ll get over that quickly! I just hope they were all wearing sunscreen!

There are only 2 places to grab a drink or food on Ses Illetes and the most popular of them all is Juan y Andrea.  This is where the creme de la creme get off of their yachts and get to the restaurant by their version of valet service.  This entails a boat provided by Juan y Andrea to go out to the yacht, get all passengers and bring them directly to the shore.  Now that is valet service on another level!  We stopped in to get a drink and to seek shelter from the sun (which is incredibly strong there). It’s highly likely to spot a celeb (a la Leo DiCaprio, Olivia Palermo) at this cute beach locale. The tables are all in the sand, shoes optional, massive bottles of rose are poured over shoulders, and probably the largest skillet of paella I have ever seen are served here!

The relaxed hippie vibe of the island translates into the fashion. All you need is a swimsuit, cover-up (make sure you can ride a scooter or bike in it) and a comfy pair of sandals. Just like in Barcelona, the days are hot but the nights do get chilly so a wrap is a must. I found the perfect one shoulder swimsuit at J.Crew and the lace cover-up was a total steal at T.J. Maxx.  The swimsuit is on major sale right now!

My time in Formentera came to an end, but the Spanish adventure continues in Ibiza next week!  Stay tuned…


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