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June 5, 2017





It seems like everyone that I talked to has been to Barcelona, because when I explained I was heading there for a few days, the response was always “I loved Barcelona.  You will have a wonderful time!” Maybe I’m late to the game in visiting this beloved destination, but better late than never… so here we go!


We arrived early in Barcelona and managed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep before heading out to see what the city had to offer.  I prefer to explore cities on foot and on average walked about 8-10 miles a day. Barcelona does have other options such as buses, cabs, and the metro if you prefer those other methods of transportation. If you choose to walk it’s important to pack a comfortable pair of shoes! Trust me, as a fashion blogger I want to be on top of my footwear style at all times, but your feet will never forgive you if you don’t have a comfy pair of sneaks. I really liked the Treton blush sneakers that I took with me.  They have a soft cushioned footbed and are made of mesh material for optimal breathing during those hot days.  My Tretorn’s were pretty much a foot saver this entire trip! Some of the areas that I recommend you check out are the following: Gothic Quarter, L’Eixample, Born & Raval.  Each area is a little different which makes the alleyways and plazas even more unique to explore! We stayed in a hotel for the first few days, but when we returned back to Barcelona from the islands, we chose to stay in a Air B&B.  The Air B&B in Italy was so amazing that we hoped to replicate the same experience.  We weren’t disappointed with the adorable apartment that we chose in the L’Eixample area.  The photo above shows the spacious terrace overlooking La Sagrada Familia.  It was so clean, close to many shops and restaurants and our host Luis was so helpful.


I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know much about Spanish cuisine, aside from a few trips to Barcelona in GV. I tried a little of everything, but the “Patatas Bravas” were my absolute JAM.  I’ve eaten enough potatoes (and gelato) for a full year!  The paella from  My Way Restaurante, which is right off La Rambla was delicious. It’s a cute restaurant tucked away in a small alley.  The next day, we strolled into Reserva Iberica, which is probably the chicest Iberian ham boutique (if that’s possible!). The Iberian ham (jamon) is comparable to prosciutto, but the jamon trumps it in my opinion –  it literally melts in your mouth.  If anyone knows where I can find this in Columbus, please share! The tapas phenomenon is huge in Barcelona and I’m glad we got to experience it.  There were so many little shops bustling with people and neat little tapas arranged beautifully on the bars.  I highly recommend Bali 9 for their delicious tapas and sangria. Blai is away from many of the attractions, yet you will get an authentic experience with the locals.  I saved the best for last, gelato.  After experiencing some of the best gelato in Italy, I thought it would be tough to top that anywhere else, but boy was I wrong.  Sante Gelato has THE BEST gelato in Barcelona! I ate about 1-2 each day, which is probably an understatement but who cares, right:-)


Now…on to the fashion! ZARA and MANGO are at every corner, so if you pass it up and realize you needed to buy something, don’t fret because you’ll pass one in another 5 minutes:-) The vibe in Barcelona is very casual for both men and women. It’s pretty rare to see a women in high heels, and if you do, she’s probably a tourist! I completely understand why though.  The streets are made of cobblestones and it would be incredibly dangerous teetering on heels in the streets.  The men’s fashion was primarily a relaxed pair of chinos or shorts, t-shirt or collared shirt and leather/suede loafers.  There were quite a few heading off to work in impeccably tailored suits, no socks, and slip on’s.  GQ level : 100.  Women usually had a pair of flats/sandals or sneakers on paired with denim and a t-shirt or blouse.  It was effortless and worked for transition from day to night accompanied by a bold red lip.  Gorgeous red lips were everywhere- I loved it! The style worked well with the city’s casual + relaxed vibe.  If you plan on traveling to Barcelona for a few days in May the temps during the day reach anywhere from 75-80 and in the evening it does get a bit chilly. A quick packing list is outlined below:

  • 2-3 casual dresses
  • 2 pairs of denim
  • espadrilles
  • flats
  • sneakers
  • 2-3 v-neck/crew neck t-shirts
  • a light jacket or cardigan
  • 2-3 nice blouses for evening

Overall  my time in Barcelona was well spent.  Initially I wasn’t that enamored with it like I was with other cities, but by the end, I was pretty smitten.  Now I know exactly why all of my friends said “I loved Barcelona!”


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Stay tuned next week for my travels to Ibiza and Formentera


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