Ladylike in Rome

September 7, 2016





img_1527IMG_0459Buongiorno da italia!

I’m back stateside, drinking my espresso at 5:30 am and missing Rome A LOT! To say that Rome is gorgeous is a complete understatement.  It was everything and more that I expected it to be.  Of course I did the typical touristy things like visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, & Pantheon because you pretty much have to experience it.  Even though the temperatures soared to the mid 90’s, it didn’t matter.  I was in Rome and I was determined to cover as much ground as I possibly could!  The Colosseum was even more impressive than I imagined.  We were even lucky enough to have access to walk in through the entrance that the gladiators came in through!  It’s crazy to think that this structure is almost 2,000 years old considering it’s still very much intact.

From there, I meandered to the Roman Forum and eventually into the city to see the Pantheon. Turning through those tiny alleyways and coming face to face with the Pantheon was very unexpected.  It’s this giant ancient building in the center of a piazza adorned with boutiques and quaint restaurants.  Not too far from there was Piazza Navona, which is a popular gathering area for many locals and tourists.  (pictured above)  I stayed very close to Piazza Navona and I highly recommend it for anyone who visits Rome because of its excellent location.

You could get lost in the intricate winding alleys that run throughout Rome, and I was totally fine with that!  Everywhere you turn, there is a restaurant, boutique, or better yet a gelato shop! Confession: I did have gelato at least once (sometimes twice) a day. #yolo The character of this beautiful city is on another level:  Vine covered walls, pastel vespas zooming in and out, every flavor of gelato under the sun & of course the best cappuccino’s!

This is just the tip of the iceberg from my trip to Italy, so stay tuned this week for more from Rome!



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