White Denim Series – Date Night

August 9, 2016

IMG_1163IMG_1306IMG_1307IMG_1308IMG_1164White Denim Series – Date Night Edition

So, after reading my last post you already know how to pull together a flawless work look with white denim.  How about for a special date night with your beau or Mr.?  You already know one piece in the outfit is guaranteed- white denim. I’ll start from shoes and work my way up this time. When in doubt, always go for nude footwear because it matches anything and really elongates your legs.  (Hence why I added these nude sandals:-)  This black silk top was a great find at Ladybird boutique!  It’s got a sexy lace trim which looks lovely against white.  As for the accessories, I really could’ve gone for a big bold statement necklace (which is what I normally would’ve done), but I decided to keep it simple with this gold/black necklace.  It softens the look and doesn’t make it appear “too done up.”  You never want to look like you’re trying too hard. Hopefully this will serve as inspiration when you get a text Friday night and need to whip a cute outfit together for your date!

Outfit Details:

Top: Just Female

Denim: Gap

Necklace: J.Crew

Shoes: J.Crew

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