Top 5 Wardrobe Commandments

May 24, 2016

Wardrobes can get a bit overwhelming..I totally get it.  In hopes of alleviating the confusion and stress, I have outlined the top 5 wardrobe commandments below.  Are you just reading them and not actually TAKING action? (There are probably some nods out there!)  Let Mrs. Ladylike’s Wardrobe Services take that next step with you. Maybe you’re not even sure where to start…not a problem.  Simply send me an email and we can talk it over to see what service best fits your need.

MrsLadylikeHangerLogo_pngNow on to those commandments-your wardrobe hinges on these!

  1. Quality: Don’t buy cheap.  I’m not saying everything needs to be brand name, but great material lasts longer and proves to be a better investment.
  2. Variety: I 100% support all things classic, but it’s nice to mix in trends here and there.  Don’t layer on the trends so that your outfit will be completely out of style next season, just remember to keep it simple.
  3. Form & Function : This is an incredibly important commandments.  I don’t care if your pants are Gucci or Forever 21, if they are ill-fitting it can ruin any outfit.  It’s also very important to buy pieces that work well with your day to day.   You want to make the most of every single one of your pieces and wear them with comfort.  No, that doesn’t mean wear sweatpants everyday because they are comfortable!
  4. Versatility : Transitional pieces that can work from one season to the next or for multiple occasions is a must.
  5. Personality: This is THE most important!  Show off your individual personality in your wardrobe!  If we didn’t infuse a bit of ourselves in each look, we would all end up looking like stepford wives.  Be yourself and be original!


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