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May 2, 2016




IMG_8453IMG_8477IMG_8495IMG_1862IMG_1863Greetings from Miami Beach!

I took a few days off to get away and enjoy some much needed beach time last week in Miami. It’s just a quick plane ride away from my hectic day to day and always seems to do the trick of melting away the stress. An item that I carried with me for the first time was my Zeroz wallet. (pictured above in Hashtag Blue). It made traveling so much easier.  I didn’t have to fumble through my tote to find my driver’s license, money, & credit card.  It kept everything in one place and very easy to access.  Zeroz are handcrafted by artists and designers in their Columbus, OH storefront and they are all unique.  There are so many awesome Italian leathers to choose from, I loved my Hashtag Blue so much that I even got another one in croco print! They each have a pocket tab to hold your favorite cards and separate them from the rest & a cash strap for your room key, ID, or money.  I highly recommend the “Less Wallet, More Cool” Zeroz! It was incredibly functional and super chic not only for airport travel, but I used it throughout my trip to Miami Beach.

What did I do on vacation?  Not a whole lot, and that was A-okay with me!

Mornings consisted of eating a delicious breakfast & espresso at one of our favorite restaurants, Dolce, and afternoons were spent soaking up rays at the beach or pool. I love that the biggest decisions I had to make everyday were “where are we going to eat?” & “do you want to get gelato?” Side Note: While enjoying gelato I even managed to have a celeb sighting. Who you ask?  Eva Longoria and her fiance!  I totally fangirled, but standard for me.  Anyway…I digress:-)

The temperatures remained steady around 80 degrees all week, so it was sunny and warm during the day, and turned a bit cooler in the evening. Packing for the trip was a breeze, bikini for day and lightweight dress/denim for the evening.  I recently purchased the yellow gingham top featured in today’s post.  Gingham seems to be the spring trend, so I wanted to show you how I styled it! I wanted to keep the bottom neutral with white denim and keep the focus on the gingham top.  I found these chic fringe slides at Old Navy for..wait for it…only $10!!  They were such a great find and I knew I would be able to pair them up with not only this outfit, but plenty others. The turquoise & gold necklace that I added as my accessory is simple enough, yet still adds a touch of color.  I just love pairing up yellow and turquoise together, so I knew it would work even before I added it as an accessory.

We stayed at the beautiful Gale Hotel during our stay and enjoyed everything the hotel had to offer.  We were pretty familiar with it from our previous stay there, so we knew exactly what we were getting: subtle yet lavish accommodations with Italian accents and incredible service.

Restaurants I Love:

Sorry I have been a little absent from posting on the blog lately, but recent travel has taken me away from my usual blogging sessions. More outfit pictures will be hitting the blog soon!  Stay tuned:-)

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