Monday Blues

March 28, 2016

IMG_1060IMG_1061IMG_1057IMG_1056IMG_1065IMG_1062Happy Monday!

We are all struggling to get out of our warm cozy beds after a lovely weekend.  It was nice to visit my parents and celebrate my mom’s birthday in Chicago.  Unfortunately, the weekend has flown by and it’s time to tackle Monday.  Why not start off your week on the right chic foot?  Mondays = working like a busy bee, so I thought this embellished top was perfectly appropriate:-)  I knew I needed to have it the moment I saw it in Banana Republic!  I layered my tank with a blue/white stripe collared shirt and added toothpick denim on bottom.  The metallic tipped flats add a ladylike touch and more importantly are comfortable enough to wear all day.  Having a statement coat is a must for those cold mornings while walking to work. I chose to add one of my favorite pops of color with this classic blue coat. I am a strong believer that a good outfit can not only give you added confidence, but it can instantly make a bad day better:-)  Wishing you all a great productive week!  #girlboss


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