Queen Bee

February 23, 2016

blue4blue7blue2blue6blue8blue3lueThe holiday parties are long gone, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of fabulous parties after! Don’t fret, I have provided plenty of outfit inspo in today’s post for any upcoming events you may have jotted on your calendar.  There is a mixture of sequins, satin, and a dash of bees to keep things interesting:-)  I knew I needed to have this bee necklace from the Olivia Palermo collection for Bauble Bar.  Not only do I completely envy her chic sense of style, but believe it or not, I am a huge fan of insect accessories, especially bees!

The tortoise enamel clutch was a total last minute add in, but I am so glad I did because it really adds depth and texture to the outfit. It’s an oldie but a goodie!  Not sure how to mix high and low priced pieces?  If it looks good, wear it!  That is my motto.   I had purchased this sequin bolero from Forever 21 ages ago, and thankfully it worked perfectly with this Kate Spade dress for today’s post. Don’t get too hung up on brands because you will surprise yourself once you start mixing those pieces together! To tight or not to tight?  I opted for tights, because even though it was 60 degrees a few days ago, it still is February and will be 30 tomorrow:-)  Now go on and enjoy those lovely parties and fancy drinks!

Side note:  The Kate Spade dress and bee necklace were both gifts from my Mr.  He sure does know his Queen Bee 🙂

Photography by www.matchboxltd.com

Special thank you to the Hilton Downtown Columbus for allowing us to shoot there.  It is such a gorgeous hotel, convenient to everything downtown, and the artwork by local artists inside is amazing!

      1. Thanks Ashley! Anytime I can find a jeweled insect I am all over it! Thank you for reading Mrs. Ladylike:-)

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