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August 3, 2015





Technical Cashmere=Luxury you can live in! Kit & Ace is a chic new shop that landed on Brickel St. in the Short North just a few short months ago. They are a brand that prides themselves on technical cashmere, which simply means that you can experience the luxurious feel of cashmere without the finicky trips to the dry cleaners to keep it clean.  Washable Cashmere?  I had to check this out for myself!  Here are my results below:

  • 1st wear: New Buffalo, Michigan

I wore it on the beach to watch the fireworks display for the 4th and layered it with a yellow Zara scarf.  It laid perfectly on my body and was so comfortable all day!

1st Wash:  I washed the top in the washing machine and even hesitantly put it in the dryer (tumble dry low).  I kept my fingers crossed the whole time that it wouldn’t come out looking like a baby tee!!  The result was perfect.  It was the same soft, stretchy top I put in the machine.

  • 2nd wear: Flight to San Francisco, CA

Ok, so I knew exactly how comfy this top was from my previous wear, but boy did I love it even more when I was in a cramped airplane seat!  The soft material really moved with my body as I twisted and turned to get comfortable on my flight.

2nd Wash:   The first wash was fine, but I must admit I was expecting some type of pilling or wear in the material after the 2nd time I washed it.  I followed the same procedure for washing and drying.  I searched every inch of this little luxury I had been living in and there was NOTHING!  Not a pill, not a roll of the material, nothing!  After this wash, I went  directly to my husband and told him that he MUST own a Kit & Ace top!  There are many discussions around this house about how it’s so hard to find a good top that doesn’t shrink or roll up after the first wash.  He was all ears after I explained how my top had been turning out post wash!!  Next stop for the Mr. is Kit & Ace:-)

  • 3rd wear: Work

There aren’t many places you can wear a top to the beach, yoga, and even work….but I think I might just have that top!  The most recent wear of my luxurious Kit & Ace top was to work.  I added a snazzy necklace, chino’s, animal print flats, and a cropped jacket and rolled right into work.  I love that the top is just like a blank canvas and it can be worked into so many different looks.

3rd Wash:  I followed the same washing process as above once again, and the results were exactly the same.  No shrinkage, no pilling, no rolling of the collar..nothing!  I’m a believer!


Be sure to stop by Kit & Ace’s shop off Brickel St. in the Short North or shop online  You will not be disappointed!  Their technical cashmere is the REAL DEAL.

      1. Thanks so much Alexis! I highly recommend their products and they even have a sale going on until tomorrow I think! Would love to catch up with you soon.

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