Floral Fixation

IMG 9921 768x1024 Floral Fixation

IMG 9888 768x1024 Floral Fixation

IMG 9915 768x1024 Floral Fixation

IMG 9952 768x1024 Floral Fixation

IMG 9922 768x1024 Floral Fixation

IMG 9877 1024x768 Floral Fixation

Perfect Match!

Here are a few outtakes from this shoot…… Enjoy:-)

IMG 9930 768x1024 Floral Fixation

They didn’t think it was funny when I asked if their bloody paint would get on my milky white coat!

IMG 9957 768x1024 Floral Fixation

Yup, definitely still laughing about what just happened!

IMG 9962 1024x768 Floral Fixation

Who knew I would run into zombies and military men and women all in a day’s shoot! Thank you for all that you do!


I wanted to draw attention to jazzing up a simple sweater, just like the baby blue one that I’m wearing.  It’s easy to throw on a pair of jeans, sweater, and boots to complete an outfit, but it shouldn’t stop there.  Why not try to dress it up a bit more with a pair of poppy pumps that just happen to match this beautiful floral scarf? Don’t have a floral scarf?  Just add a solid colored scarf and keep a fun shoe on your soles!  Not only does it class up the look, but it adds needed pops of color to the outfit.  Top it off with a slim tailored coat and crystal brooch like mine, and it’s gorg!   Fall dressing is so fun for me personally because so many basic pieces can be versatile and work to create so many different looks!

This fall shoot was especially hilarious for me because there was some type of race going on that involved zombies coming out of the woods.  Little did I know mid pose, there would be a zombie bride and groom staring at me!!  What did I do, I asked for a picture of course!  No one would believe me if I didn’t get one, right? On my way out, I couldn’t pass up getting a snap with these fine military men and women.  icon smile Floral Fixation

Thank you for your service!

High Fashion Tea-CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

IMG 6454 768x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

IMG 6447 768x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

IMG 6441 768x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

The Columbus Crew Players

IMG 6458 768x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

Catching up with an old friend, Beth

IMG 6445 768x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

IMG 6466 1024x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

Having a little fun with former Columbus Crew player, Frankie Hejduk

IMG 6463 768x1024 High Fashion Tea CMH Fashion Week Kickoff

My favorite pint sized fashionista, Natalia!

It has officially started!!  Columbus Fashion Week!  To start things off, Columbus Fashion Week hosted a “High Fashion Tea” event at The Westin in Downtown Columbus.  This exclusive event was modeled after The Berkeley in London , and featured many different varieties of teas, desserts, and light appetizers.  Mrs. Ladylike had the pleasure of sitting at the Stella McCartney table that was adorned with a beautiful floral centerpiece, dainty fashion cookies, and take home gifts of Carven perfume and Sweet Simpliciteas Tea.  The Columbus Crew and Debra & Charles Penzone,  graced the stage and got everyone excited for the upcoming fashion week!  The Columbus Crew even handed out new crew logo scarfs to a lucky few in the crowd- (I was a winner!)  It was just a fun time to get out on a Sunday afternoon, mix and mingle with fellow bloggers, and enjoy tea and cookies:-)

Want more information about upcoming events?

Check out www.cmhfashionweek.com


I will be reporting back this week from the Columbus Bridal Show!  This year I won’t be the model in it, but reporting from the sidelines!

Sip & Style at Traders Haven

IMG 6410 1024x1024 Sip & Style at Traders Haven

IMG 6414 1024x1024 Sip & Style at Traders Haven

IMG 6415 768x1024 Sip & Style at Traders Haven

IMG 6412 1024x768 Sip & Style at Traders Haven

IMG 6421 768x1024 Sip & Style at Traders Haven

IMG 6427 1024x768 Sip & Style at Traders Haven

I had the pleasure of being invited to Traders Haven’s 1st ever Sip & Style Series.  Honestly, I really didn’t know what to expect!  I mean, I’m a fashion blogger!  Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by Anthony, one of the owners, and offered a delicious apple cider along with lots of little appetizer bites.  There were gorgeous ceiling installations throughout the shop featuring one of a kind fixtures created by Anthony, as well as strings of pages from books delicately intertwined to create a beautiful holiday fixture.  (Shown Above)  Today’s Sip & Style Series was going to be about the basics of staging a room.  He and designer, Julie Wheeler, started off with a mocha tufted couch and incorporated a large piece of abstract artwork to add a pop of color.  Next, they emphasized adding different textures to the space by including pillows and blankets that are representative of your personality. Feel free to add side accent chairs that are a little different in style such as a these with a more rustic look.  Not everything has to be matchy matchy anymore!  The wooden glass tabletop was the next piece that Anthony & Julie focused on staging.  Anthony mentioned it’s always a great idea to have at least 3 books on a coffee table either as conversation pieces or simply to use as height for another item.  You can have a little more fun with the coffee table and show off your personality or add pieces that you really can’t show off anywhere else in your home.  All in all, I was very impressed with the short demonstration and even picked up a lovely abstract canvas painting for my own Ladylike home!  My conclusion is….yes I am a fashion blogger and continue to write about fashion, but being Ladylike does translate into your home and working with interior design professionals is a great way to get inspired to spruce up your surroundings. I too was in a little rut, so I definitely needed that demonstration to get the ball rolling again! If you are interested in a little inspiration for next month, Trader’s Haven is hosting their 2nd Sip & Style and they will be doing a demonstration on creating your own centerpieces.  Interested in attending, just visit their website below….


Traders Haven Design-www.tradershavendesign.com


Dressing for Fall-The Ladylike Way

c600x570 Dressing for Fall The Ladylike Way


c600x477 Dressing for Fall The Ladylike Way


I love fall, and after browsing through my Instagram I can tell so many others love it because it’s the start of “boot season, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and sleeveless excursion vests.”  If you aren’t exactly a fan of this typical fall look (or PSL’s), why not check out a few other suggestions that are just as appropriate for fall?  It’s totally okay to wear ecru colored jeans after Labor Day!  They create a clean look when paired with a powder blue top and caramel cardigan.  Rain boots/wellies are very popular for fall.  My personal fav’s are an ankle length that look just as cool as knee length ones.  Excursion vests are another staple that get pulled out of closets , but why not store it this season and try something new like a cropped ruffle trench?  I also love switching up fragrances every season!  Tocca-Brigitte is one that I am currently using for fall, and Viktor & Rolf’s sweet fragrance is another great option.  Always remember, you don’t have to follow the typical trends…be yourself.

Scandal at The Limited

Who doesn’t love Kerry Washington’s style as Olivia Pope on Scandal?!  I was pretty excited to check out the Scandal collection at The Limited this past weekend.  The selection was gorgeous!  There are racks of beautiful pastel colored coats and so many chic work essentials.  It was a nice change to see light airy colors in the Scandal collection, so keep in mind that you do not need to stick with the usual dark fall colors!  Blush is the new Cranberry for Fall!  Need to spice up your outerwear selection? Why not try a tweed capelet or blush colored coat!

If you get a chance, definitely check it out at The Limited-you will not be disappointed.  I will be featuring a few more looks from this glam collection.

As always, if you like what you see..simply click on the picture to purchase the look! www.stylinity.com


 Scandal at The Limited Scandal at The Limited Scandal at The Limited


 Scandal at The Limited Scandal at The Limited Scandal at The Limited

Sweater Dressing

IMG 6357 768x1024 Sweater Dressing

IMG 6356 1024x768 Sweater Dressing

IMG 6358 768x1024 Sweater Dressing

IMG 6363 1024x1024 Sweater Dressing

IMG 6362 768x1024 Sweater Dressing

IMG 6359 768x1024 Sweater Dressing


This dress was a total last minute pick up!  There was just something about the dark floral that drew me to it.  I bought it specifically for a cocktail party, but quickly realized that I could dress it down by adding a sweater and flats!  I saw lots of sweater dressing at Paris Fashion Week, so I decided to give it a try!  I swapped out the python heels for leopard flats and added a neutral linen sweater to create an entirely different look.  The pearl necklace is so classic, it could be worn with both outfits.  You can also try out this Scandal Collection coat from The Limited to take this outfit to another chic level:-)  Take a look in your closet and see if you could recreate a similar look with one of your favorite dresses!

 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post featuring more looks from the Scandal collection at The Limited

 Sweater Dressing Sweater Dressing Sweater Dressing