Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion

Pronovias Collection

Pronovias Collection

Elie Saab-Mauricio gown

Elie Saab-Mauricio gown


Aria gown

Pronovias Collection

Pronovias Collection

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 10:  Nicky Hilton seen leaving Claridge's Hotel on her wedding day on July 10, 2015 in London, England. Photo by Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images)

Valentino gown worn by Nicky Hilton

Naeem Khan-Spain

Naeem Khan-Spain

Naeem Kham-Elba

Naeem Khan-Elba

It’s so exciting to see the new fall fashion that is slowly inching its way into stores!  What I truly love looking at is new bridal fashion.  Even though I am already a Mrs., I still “oooo and ahhh” at the new bridal trends.  I have hand picked a few of my favorites from the runways.  The following trends are on the forefront of bridal fashion:

  • Feathers
  • Turtlenecks (a la Nicky Hilton)
  • Corset Bodices
  • Laser Cut Floral

If you recently got engaged and are still looking for your dream dress, hopefully today’s post will give you some inspiration!  Don’t forget to include your “something blue!”  I have included a few pictures from my own wedding below.  Enjoy!


Mrs. Ladylike's YSA Makino Couture Gown

Mrs. Ladylike’s YSA Makino Couture Gown

My "something blue"-Manolo Blahnik's.  Macedonian tradition is filling a bride's shoes with money in order to ensure they fit properly.  :-)

My “something blue”-Manolo Blahnik’s    Filling a bride’s shoes with money in order to ensure they fit properly is just one of many Macedonian traditions that we took part in on our wedding day!

Here are a few of Mrs. Ladylike’s bridal shop picks in Columbus:


Happy Shopping!

Kit & Ace-Technical Cashmere





Technical Cashmere=Luxury you can live in! Kit & Ace is a chic new shop that landed on Brickel St. in the Short North just a few short months ago. They are a brand that prides themselves on technical cashmere, which simply means that you can experience the luxurious feel of cashmere without the finicky trips to the dry cleaners to keep it clean.  Washable Cashmere?  I had to check this out for myself!  Here are my results below:

  • 1st wear: New Buffalo, Michigan

I wore it on the beach to watch the fireworks display for the 4th and layered it with a yellow Zara scarf.  It laid perfectly on my body and was so comfortable all day!

1st Wash:  I washed the top in the washing machine and even hesitantly put it in the dryer (tumble dry low).  I kept my fingers crossed the whole time that it wouldn’t come out looking like a baby tee!!  The result was perfect.  It was the same soft, stretchy top I put in the machine.

  • 2nd wear: Flight to San Francisco, CA

Ok, so I knew exactly how comfy this top was from my previous wear, but boy did I love it even more when I was in a cramped airplane seat!  The soft material really moved with my body as I twisted and turned to get comfortable on my flight.

2nd Wash:   The first wash was fine, but I must admit I was expecting some type of pilling or wear in the material after the 2nd time I washed it.  I followed the same procedure for washing and drying.  I searched every inch of this little luxury I had been living in and there was NOTHING!  Not a pill, not a roll of the material, nothing!  After this wash, I went  directly to my husband and told him that he MUST own a Kit & Ace top!  There are many discussions around this house about how it’s so hard to find a good top that doesn’t shrink or roll up after the first wash.  He was all ears after I explained how my top had been turning out post wash!!  Next stop for the Mr. is Kit & Ace:-)

  • 3rd wear: Work

There aren’t many places you can wear a top to the beach, yoga, and even work….but I think I might just have that top!  The most recent wear of my luxurious Kit & Ace top was to work.  I added a snazzy necklace, chino’s, animal print flats, and a cropped jacket and rolled right into work.  I love that the top is just like a blank canvas and it can be worked into so many different looks.

3rd Wash:  I followed the same washing process as above once again, and the results were exactly the same.  No shrinkage, no pilling, no rolling of the collar..nothing!  I’m a believer!


Be sure to stop by Kit & Ace’s shop off Brickel St. in the Short North or shop online www.kitandace.com  You will not be disappointed!  Their technical cashmere is the REAL DEAL.

Wear to Work-Summer Whites





Let’s face it-summer is the time to pull out your cute lightweight dresses and bask in the sunshine right?  Real Talk…they are perfect for outside, but don’t exactly work if your work environment is freezing, which is why I created today’s post!  This look still let’s you embrace summer whites and linen, but still keeps it looking professional and more importantly keeps you warm:-)  A few accessories like these gold bangles I have from Kate Spade and Red Giraffe Designs are pretty much a mainstay in many of my work looks. If you haven’t checked out Red Giraffe Designs in the Short North, definitely do!  The locally made jewelery is so simple and works well with pretty much anything. (link below)

I totally understand that some workplace’s are not as casual as mine, but just swap out white denim for white chino’s.  The white chinos still look just as cute and you have endless color/print options to wear on top.  I got this pink floral top on MAJOR sale at J. Crew a few weeks ago. (Like $20.00 MAJOR SALE!) It even has a matching skirt and shorts if you want matching separates!  It is sleeveless, which is perfect for stepping out to grab lunch or coffee, but I don’t let my linen blazer stray too far when I am back to work:-)  I hope today’s post inspires you to look at some items in your closet to put together a fun summer work outfit!

Local Made Jewelry:


Top on Sale:


Bangle and Necklace:


California Love




Heidi Says -such a gorgeous boutique located in San Francisco

Heidi Says -such a gorgeous boutique located on Fillmore St. in San Francisco, CA

Just one of the beautiful Alexander McQueen dresses at Heidi Says

Just one of the beautiful Alexander McQueen dresses at Heidi Says

1 of each top please!  In LOVE with this Tibi crop.

1 of each top please! In LOVE with this Tibi crop. {can be found at Heidi Says}

The Kotur clutch and Michael Kors heels are perfection! {can be found at Heidi Says}

The Kotur clutch and Michael Kors heels are perfection! {can be found at Heidi Says}

Amour Vert Boutique-Just another cute boutique I found on Fillmore St!

Amour Vert Boutique-Just another cute boutique I found on Fillmore St!

All items including this fringe top are American made, with non-toxic dyes, and sustainable fibers

All items including this fringe top are American made, with non-toxic dyes, and sustainable fibers

Sweet laser cut dress that is perfect for those cool San Fran nights with a denim jacket over it! {can be found at Amour Vert}

Laser cut dress that is perfect for those cool San Fran nights that can be worn with a denim jacket over it! {can be found at Amour Vert}

My new favorite local shop-Kit & Ace!

My new favorite local shop-Kit & Ace!

Simply Chic-the name says it all!  This upscale designer consignment shop does not disappoint!

Simply Chic-the name says it all! This upscale designer consignment shop does not disappoint!


Simply Chic-Chanel cuffs

Simply Chic-Chanel cuffs

Ram's Gate Winery-Sonoma

Ram’s Gate Winery-Sonoma


Perfect timing-2 butterflies!

Perfect timing-2 butterflies!



Domaine Carneros in Napa- champagne tasting

Domaine Carneros in Napa- champagne tasting



Purchased a few favorite champagne bottles to take home!

Purchased a few favorite champagne bottles to take home!

Angèle Restaurant

Angèle Restaurant

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far!  It hasn’t really felt like summer with all of this rain we have been getting in Ohio:-(  I couldn’t have picked a better time to jet off to California in the midst of this monsoon weather!  I have never been to California so I was incredibly excited to see all of the “touristy” landmarks and also discover San Francisco with my Mr. I was really proud of myself..in an attempt to streamline my closet/life I only packed a carry on to travel! It was a total success and I didn’t have to buy anything-  5 days worth of outfits in one small bag!! #ladylikesuccess

I sat next to a very nice guy on the flight who gave me a quick run down of where to go and what to see in San Fran, and I must say, his advice was right on point.  With his help, I discovered Fillmore St, where so many lovely boutiques are nestled.  I posted a few of my favorites above, and have even listed their websites below if you want more info. While strolling around, I observed a lot of the fashion around and quite frankly it is very casual for women.  Jeans, tees/sweaters were very common and Lululemon was a crowd favorite. While packing for this trip I knew layering would be very important since it gets windy and can be foggy.  A light blazer is a MUST!  I wore black jeans, a chambray button up, and a gray sweater.  I did have my blazer just in case, but luckily the weather was sunny and I didn’t even need it! Good walking shoes are a necessity.  We walked over 11 miles in one day around San Francisco!  Enough about my fashion, I will summarize my observations on male San Fran style: I was pleasantly surprised.  Much of the male fashion I saw was comprised of preppy pieces ( J. Crew) and classic loafers (Gucci/Ferragamo) to polish off the look. They looked perfectly appropriate for anything that came their way throughout the day!  Bravo!

There is so much to see and do and I couldn’t possibly capture all of that in one post- you just have to go see it for yourself!  Napa and Sonoma were stunning!  These pictures do not do it justice.  There were also so many different types of fashion at the wineries.  There were ladies in dresses and large hats to ladies in denim and polo shirts.  It really is your personal preference and whatever you feel most comfortable in.   Walking through the vineyards was so peaceful and the lavender scents around were intoxicating.  It was so nice tasting various types of wines from Ram’s Gate Winery and just taking in the scenery.  We also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful French Chateau winery, Domaine Carneros where we did a champagne tasting and even got to try the top rated sparking wine in the nation, Le Rève.  After tasting, we had lunch at a sweet little French restaurant in downtown Napa called Angèle.  The yellow stripe umbrellas and rustic French design made me feel like I was in France:-)  The trip was very memorable and I can’t wait to go back very soon!


Places to Visit:

Simply Chic: www.simplychicsf.com

Amour Vert: www.amourvert.com

Heidi Says: www.heidisays.com

Ram’s Gate Winery: www.ramsgatewinery.com

Angèle: www.angelerestaurant.com

Domaine Carneros: www.domainecarneros.com

Kit & Ace: www.kitandace.com

Éminence Organic Skin Care







IMG_7475You want me to let you in on a little secret?  I have never had a facial before! I know you are probably wondering what rock I live under!  So when I was offered the opportunity to try out Charles Penzone’s new organic skin care line Éminence, I was so excited! Éminence’s products are all paraben free and don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals found in most beauty products today.  I visited the Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Gahanna and had the lovely Katrina Yepson doing my facial that day.  Prior to my spa treatment, Katrina talked to me about my skin and what types of products I was currently using, which gave her a better idea of the type of Éminence products that would be best for my skin type.  We decided to do the Brightening Facial during my appointment which involved ingredients such as

  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Hibiscus/Calendula
  • Bamboo
  • Rosehip/Maize
  • Cucumber


1.) Cleanse: (2X’s)

Katrina was so great about explaining the process and various products she was using.  She started off with cleansing my face twice which also included using a heavenly Clarisonic (Wish List!) and the Bright Skin Cleanser and Stone Crop gel wash. The gel wash was delicate enough to extract any impurities yet still provide hydration to my skin.

TONE: Stone Crop & Chamomile Toner used throughout the process

2.) Exfoliate: (2X’s)

Next, she exfoliated my skin using the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant (my personal favorite), which might I add smells amazing!  Katrina did also mention that many of the Éminence products are very concentrated and need a little water to activate the ingredients such as the rice powder in the Dermafoliant.  The strawberries are rich in antioxidants and the rhubarb is excellent for tightening pores!   The Maize and Rosehip Exfoliating Mask deliver vitamin C and honey to dry skin. After removing the mask, Katrina covered my eyes and brought the bright lights on my face to see if there were any blemishes/blackheads that needed to be extracted.  Luckily not many!

TONE: Stone Crop & Chamomile Toner

3.) Masque:

Katrina chose the Hibiscus Calendula Mask which is a cooling yet hydrating mask that left my skin feeling soft and supple.  It is a great mask to use once or twice a week to provide just a bit of extra hydration (especially in the winter).

TONE: Stone Crop & Chamomile Toner

4.) Treat:

Since my skin does get a bit sensitive, Katrina used the Calm Skin Arnica Booster Serum which is great for calming any irritation.  The Bamboo Firming Fluid that she used after is a dream in a bottle!  It is a collagen boosting concentrate that contains retinol to instantly tighten & lift.

5.) Moisturize:

The Éminence Bright Skin Moisturizer with SPF30 was the perfect choice for my brightening facial.  It lightens with natural hydroquinone and protects against future sun damage.

6.) Eye Care:

Let’s be honest, everyone gets dark under eye circles, but thankfully there are products like the Cucumber Eye Gel to treat these bags!  It provides a cooling relief for those stressed and puffy eyes.  Unfortunately being a busy gal=puffy stressed eyes.

7.) Protect:

Lastly, Katrina applied a Citrus Lip Balm to my lips after the facial was complete.  It was so smooth and smelled great!  Best of all it’s a petroleum free product, and the shea butter was a great moisturizer for my lips.  Since I knew I would be in the hot California sun the next day, I decided to purchase it.  It was with me wherever I went and constantly provided moisture and shine.

The last picture is an “After” shot of me 4 days after my facial.  My skin was still glowing!

I hope my post provided a little window into what it is like getting a facial (for all of you spa treatment newbies).  It was an incredibly relaxing experience.  I definitely look forward to scheduling my next facial treatment in the near future.

Thank you to Charles Penzone for allowing me to try out Éminence’s organic skin care line.  Want to try it out for yourself?  Visit www.charlespenzone.com or call 614-418-5350

Luxury Garage Sale-Columbus


Did Christmas come early or have I gone to Chanel heaven?!



CHANEL Black and Silver Tone Patent Leather Quilted Trim Boy Reverso Medium Flip Bag


CHANEL Gold Quilted Handbag Necklace


Hermes Camel and Gold Toned Clemence Leather Kelly Handbag and Scarf


Classic Dior Pumps


How perfect is this Louis Vuitton Grey Satin and Leather Minaudiere Clutch Bag?


Alexander McQueen Peppered Pony Hair Knuckle Box Clutch


FENDI Mini Shopping Tote


Want to start your week off right?  Stop by the Luxury Garage Sale Pop-Up Shop held at 390 S. Parkview Ave. in Bexley Monday June 29 from 10am to 5pm!  Luxury Garage Sale is an upscale consignment boutique that specializes in selling new and gently used designer and vintage clothing and accessories.  They have a store in Chicago and just opened up a new location in Dallas!  They also do these fun pop up shops, which is where I got to experience pure luxury consignment!  You will find designer names such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Dior, and many more.  I have taken a few snaps of my absolute favorites from the pop up and hope you will make a little time to stop in to check it out for yourself!  If you have any questions about the merchandise shown above including pricing and availability, please shoot an email to sarah@luxurygaragesale.com.  Don’t wait too long, these items will be snatched up quickly!